Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 43: Goofs!

Day 43:  Goofs!
After tossing the football around in the backyard, the boys decided to goof around with the football and the soccer ball.  
(Hudson was a little toasty so we ended up playing shirts vs. skin... LOL)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Days 40-42: I'm officially caught up!

Day 42: Love!
It was Hudson and Griffin's "Friendship" party at school.  I guess that is the new "PC" name for a Valentine's Party at school.  Aren't we all so cute together?

Day 41:   Backwards!
Goofy Griffin decided to wear his shirt backwards all day.

Day 40:  Yummm!
okay.. not the best of pics.. but it was almost midnight and I needed something.  I just happened to be eating these yummy Golden Double Stuff Oreos.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Days 30-39 - now up to date :)

Day 39:  Exhausted!
Hudson was so tired after school.  He laid on my lap while Griffin was getting his hair cut.

Day 38:  Gymnastics!
They had so much fun at their friend's birthday party.  The uneven bars was their fave activity (excluding eating cupcakes).

Day 37:   Pride!
My boys are the only two who have scored soccer goals so far this season.  It's usually one or the other one, but this game they BOTH did.  Griffin scored first and then Hudson scored the next two.  We won 3-0!

Day 36:  Anticipation!
Our weekly ritual is waiting and watching the garbage truck.  It's just getting ready to turn the corner to come to our house here.

Day 35: Wishes!
Shopping for a friend's birthday party.. and wishing it was their own party with presents for them.

Day 34:  Paperwork!
Kindergarten registration papers for next year.  Way too many papers I need to complete.

Day 33:  Giants!
This is the growth chart my MIL kept and recorded my husband's, my SIL's, and their cousins height records up until age 6.  A couple years ago we started adding in Hudson and Griffin.  Hudson is already 46.5 inches - 2 inches taller at 5y5m than his dad was at 6 yo.  Griffin is 42.5 inches - the same height as is dad was exactly one year later (Grif is 4y 4m and his dad was 5y4m).

Day 32:  Trash!
Getting ready for trash day and making sure our trash can looks "funny" with things sticking out the side with the lid down.

Day 31:  Trains!
Barnes & Noble Kids is a great escape.  We have more trains at home, but these are more fun at times.

Day 30:  Cars!
Griffin is so proud of his big line of cars.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

sorry for being slow


I have been taking my daily pics so I'm totally up to date with my 365  - I plan to update my blog with all the previous week's pics this weekend

the ones taken with my phone have been uploaded to Twitgoo HERE ... others are still in my camera
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