Thursday, February 11, 2010

Days 40-42: I'm officially caught up!

Day 42: Love!
It was Hudson and Griffin's "Friendship" party at school.  I guess that is the new "PC" name for a Valentine's Party at school.  Aren't we all so cute together?

Day 41:   Backwards!
Goofy Griffin decided to wear his shirt backwards all day.

Day 40:  Yummm!
okay.. not the best of pics.. but it was almost midnight and I needed something.  I just happened to be eating these yummy Golden Double Stuff Oreos.


  1. I can only hope I glow with love like you are in the pic above. You look sooo happy!

    p.s. I heart the golden oreo's too. I sneak them whenever I can.

  2. I'd be so pleased to get a "friend party"! We can't officially celebrate Valentine's Day at the school I'm in because we're only permitted 2 parties per school year...because of the junk food.

    Instead, the kids are allowed to pass out Valentines at the end of the school day and they must have a Valentine for everyone, BUT even that was ruined thanks to the freak snow storm in Texas :/


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