Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011 !!!!

Welll... I'm giving Project 365 a shot again.  I missed the first two days, so I'm starting off with 3 pictures for today.  The year began on a weekend.... so this will have to suffice.

 Finally... my iPod Touch is out of it's case that it was sitting in for slightly over a year.  I won it with Rewards Points thru work, but had remorse after I ordered it because I ordered the 8gb instead of one of the larger ones.  Oh well, it's here to stay now.  It's going to my husband and I'm going to order a 32 or 64gb one for myself very soon.  I just need to fully figure this one out first so we can start listening to some tunes.

Next is my AJ's Fine Food reusable acrylic cup filled with water.  I have this with me wherever I am.  I live on water and love this cup.

And now.... my Snaggletooth boy, Hudson.  He is only 6 years old (not even 6.5 until March), but he just lost his 7th tooth today!  He has two permanent teeth on the bottom and five holes.  At least two more permanent teeth are starting to finally come in.  So he'll only have 3 holes pretty soon.  I don't think he has any other loose ones..... for now.

(btw, all these pics were taken with my phone today... for some odd reason the first two are smaller than Hudson's pic)

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